The Coriolis Effect: Episode 2

The dark(ness points) between the stars
00:00:00 Opening titles, and a thank you to our fans
00:02:16 Feedback
00:03:25 What’s On Today?
00:04:02 The Spectral Corsair Campaign character summary
00:08:40 Darkness Points!
00:31:03 Talent of the Episode
00:40:01 Spectral Corsair campaign update
00:47:14 Next time, and how to get in touch (drop us a line at coriolis(at)fictionsuit(dot)org)
00:49:11 End Credits
The Coriolis Effect. Presented by FictionSuit and the RPG Gods. With music by Stars on a Black Sea, used with permission of Free League Publishing. Imagery from NASA and the Hubble Space telescope, brought to you by wikimedia commons. Typeface is Code by Fontfabric


4 thoughts on “The Coriolis Effect: Episode 2

  1. Great episode!! Quality Content. Please keep up the good work.
    Every thought about to open a Facebook page that people can “Like” and comment on to increase visibility? 🙂


  2. I love the setting and the story of Coriolis, but the core mechanic is off-putting for me. You’ve mentioned a few times that it can be streaky, and this is my experience as well. During playtesting with some friends (not an actual campaign thankfully) we had the following experience:
    The player had a dice pool of 12d6, representing essentially the pinnacle of human performance of 5d for ability + 5d for skill augmented 2d by gear. He rolled and failed. He generated a darkness point to reroll all 12d, and… failed. Just for “fun” we had him roll a third time. He failed. 36d and not a single success. He went ahead and rolled a 4th time, and as if to punctuate the streakiness achieved 6 successes.


    1. I ran an impromptu game with with a new group last night and give it was the first time, concentrated on the dice mechanic a lot. But I also resolved not to ask for a dice roll as often as I might in other games. I remembered the stricture on page 55: “If you roll no sixes, something goes wrong… The only thing [the gm] cannot say is ‘nothing happens.'” So unless I can think of what will happen if they fail (and if I can’t I might even ask the player “what might go wrong”), then I won’t ask them to roll, they’ll succeed.

      As it happens, the dice behaved themselves reasonably well. The players prayed a lot (which was cool), but won through in the end.


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