#RPGaDay A week of gaming

Running Nights Black Agents at my 50th

Day 6 You can game every day for a week. Describe what you’d do.

We’ve got something like this planned. It came about after my 50th birthday earlier this year. I’d rented a big old house, and had different friend and family to stay each night of the weekend. The Friday night was Gaming night, and we enjoyed it so much playing a Nights Black Agents Edom Files adventure, that we decided to do it again. This time however, it would be gaming night, every night, and every day.

So we’re hiring this place and fixing to spend a long weekend gaming. OK, so its not a whole week, but the basic principles could be extended to cover. And he’s what we have planned so far:

We will have roaring log fires, and ale, and good food (we’ll take turns to cook).

We will have fresh air – a walk every morning at least.

We’ll each run a game or two. We’re not going to the spend the whole time playing one game. There’s nothing wrong with trying to fit a campaign into such a holiday, but we are treating the event as a sort of private convention, and we want to have variety and try new things. (And, I have memories of a 48hour Paranoia session which did not end well, a chainsaw was involed.) So far we’ve planned the final session of my Fate campaign; a session of Ten Candles; some L5R, and probably some Pendragon; there’s space at least for one more game, which we’ve not yet decided upon. In a longer week, I’d be looking to try Night Witches, Unknown Armies; the new Runequest; the new Star Trek Adventures (which two of us want to try but the other two don’t); and maybe some boardgames too.

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