#RPGaDay 28: A quiz

“What film/series is the biggest source of quotes for your group?”

I’m fifty, most of the people I game with are around my age. I’m not saying we’ve grown out of quoting TV and film, but rather that we’ve seen so many films and TV that the quotes have almost detached themselves from their original source, and become part of our language. And there are a lot of quotes from many many different sources, so though a lot of us like Firefly, for example, not of us could confidently say that it’s a big, let alone the biggest, source of quotes. Not only that, some of the things we say are quotes from previous games.  

So, instead a quiz, ten things that may have been said more than once at out table, a genuine unlicensed reproduction M*rvel No-prize for the first person that can name all the sources for eight of these, and identify which ones have no source (other than our previous games):

“I know him! He’s a friend from work!”

“When three or more are gathered together, then they shall perform the parrot sketch ‘It is a dead parrot'” all “‘It has ceased to be'”

“Stay out of trouble”

“And the answer is, none, none more black”

“Let’s do this the Cornish way”

“If wishes were horses, we’d all be eaten’ steak”
“I have the higher ground!”


“But, I get a re-try”

“Why don’t you all just, fuck off?”

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