#RPGaDay 31: The end, and the future

“What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018?”

The last RPGaDay post for 2017. My fellow The Coriolis Effect presenter, Dave, and I have a plan to respond differently if it runs again next year, which I only thought of about a week into this event. So that’s one thing we are looking forward to.

I think next year will be a year of consolidation. Having launched the podcast this year to great reviews and positivity, we’ll continue with that, we originally planned to do at least 12 episodes. Once those are all on-line we’ll take stock, and decide if we have enough material (and demand) to carry on as a Coriolis ‘cast, or whether it should transform and widen its remit. And after finishing my Fate campaign in November, I’m looking forward to running planned Coriolis sessions, rather than the two at-the-last-minute fill-in sessions that I’ve run so far.

I hope too, that this blog will keep some of the readers that participating in #RPGaDay has attracted. I started it last year in a very lackadaisical manner over a year ago. More recently I’ve been trying to do at least one post a week. And after the discipline of doing one a day this last month, going back to that will feel like a holiday.

Quite apart from games I’ve already mentioned wanting to play: Unknown Armies; more Legend of the Five Rings; Nights Black Agents; and perhaps even Firefly; I hope I get to play, or maybe run, some Star Trek Adventures next year too.

I’ve also got an inkling to go to a go to a foreign convention next year. Or the Kraken.

And towards the end of the year, I’m looking forward to getting Western, yet another translation of a Swedish game. Perhaps the Coriolis Effect should become a Swedish RPG fan-cast?

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