The RPG Crowd 4

The big RPG campaign launch since last time I looked at Kickstarter is 7th Sea: Khitai, from John Wick, the man (and company) that brought us possibly the most successful RPG Kickstarter ever last year, the relaunch of 7th Sea itself. I kicked in for that (PDF only) and the flow of books arriving in my inbox after that has been astonishing. John Wick was one of the brains behind the Legend of the Five Rings role-playing game, at it was said that the original 7th Sea was what t(e world outside Rokugan was like. Now the two IPs are entirely separate, and Khitai is the oriental half of the second edition’s world. It’s not just a sourcebook however, it’s a game in its own right even though it shares a system. You need nothing else to play. 

I don’t normally feature setting books in this survey, but another famous name coming to Kickstarter is worth a mention, especially when it’s Frank Mentzer, author of D&Ds redbox edition, sharing his own campaign world with stats for ten systems. 

Worlds of Empyrea isn’t doing quite as well as Frank may have hoped though. Only just over 600 backers have contributed so far, and he’s still way off his $250,000 was target. 

A more modest target of a few dollars under $5,000 has been reached for Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse. It’s about Mouse Biker Gangs (obviously), and mashes Fate and Powered by the Apocalyse mechanics together , which surely is a thing we’ve waited too long to see happen. 

We’re big on Zombies this month, with The Living, Ruins of Humanityand Outbreak: Undead competing for the KS dollar. Of the two, Outbreak, which is actually raising funds for second edition is more successful – it’s almost three times it target and still has a month to run. Outbreak has a reputation for its mechanics that represent not some ex-Navy Seal* as your character, but you. Not an idealised version of you either, but you, now, warts and all. They even have an on-line questionnaire to help you translate yourself into game mechanics. 

Another second edition campaign, that’s going a lot less well, is The Fade. Just three backers so far – I guess the first edition didn’t manage to create many fans. 

If surperheroes are your RPG drug, then AMP: Year Four might mainline your need. I think it’s a stand-alone ruleset, but the fourth in a series that has unlocked over the years a long  campaign.

Then, there’s Gobblin’: The Goblin RPG, which is a game … erm … about Goblins. Post-apocalyptic goblins, mark you. It’s a modest goal, and they are a third of the way there, with most of the month still to go. 

Similarly a third of the way towards their goal, with 28 days to go, is Aliens and Asteroids, which despite its OGL sounding name, offers a streamlined mechanic for space horror. (Not as streamlined, I’ll bet, as the space horror game I played last night, which featured just the wounds and a d6 (with an advantage/disadvantage mechanic. It was great … but I digress). Let’s looking at it, this game is almost as streamlined, with a hint of Symbaroum to it. I wish them well. 

But I’m not spending my money on any of that, I pledged my money already, on Forbidden Lands. In fact, stop reading this, there are only 100 minutes left, go PLEDGE YOUR MONEY on Forbidden Lands, NOW!

*Unless of course you are an ex-Navy Seal

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