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We’ve been publishing The Coriolis Effect podcast since May, and it quickly became more successful than we ever imagined. Thanks to you, all our lovely listeners. To be honest we bashed that first episode together quickly to see if there was any interest. And when it turned out there was interest, we thought “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and carried on in the same vein.

Of course we have tried some new things – the actual plays, our Swedish adventure, and most recently, The Symbaroum Effect special. As we head, full steam towards 2018, we thought this might be a good opportunity to review what we were doing, and what we might want to do in future. We’ve had some ideas, but we thought we should also listen to our listeners and ask you what you think about our future direction.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean The Coriolis Effect is going to change, we’re just floating some ideas by you to see if you like them. If you prefer us just the way we are, say so! We’re very happy doing what we’e doing.

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