This isn’t an RPG. So why am I covering it on my RPG blog?

Well, I can think of two reasons: firstly, it’s MY blog, so I can post whatever I like (and I like this); secondly, it’s a wonderful game that might well have come from, or be found in, your RPG world. Check out the components in this Unboxing video I made:

The cards are familiar but strange: five suits – named for spring, summer, autumn, winter and stars; a fool for each suit instead of an ace; and the “luminaries”, a sort of major arcana, all combine to offer something other-worldly, alien even. The quality of production means that once the plastic bags and wrapping is removed, the game itself feels old, timeless, and could become a great prop for RPGs

It was inspired by the The Decemberists’ The Hazards of Love, a modern English-folk style concept album, which tells the story of changelings, murder, ghosts and forest queens, which lends itself to fantasy or horror themed games, but I’d arguable the game could even work in sci-fi settings. In fact, shortly after the album came out I ran a Serenity RPG scenario inspired by one of the songs. And given that us Kickstarter backers get nine “luminaries” (its normally eight), I think I can map them to the nine Icons of Coriolis‘ Third Horizon.

Anyhow it’s lovely. It plays well too, and it’s quick to learn the basics within a couple of hands, but (I think) it rewards working towards a deeper tactical understanding over time.

If you want a copy you can order it here:

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