The Coriolis Effect: Episode 16

Buy low, sell high, and grease the wheels of the Third Horizon

00.01.00: Introduction
00.02.30: World Of Gaming (Symbaroum and the Forbidden Lands)
00.22.44: Trade In Your Campaign: Free Traders as Crew; Trade is a Long-Burn Business; Scenario ideas and hooks
00.33.30: The History Of Trade in the Horizon: The Portal Wars; The Portal Crisis and Free Trade Treaty; The Navigation Accord; Resistance to the Consortium
00.56.02:  Trade in the Horizon Today: The Main Trade Routes; Trading Commodities
01.06.32: Threats to trade
01.11.54: Next episode and farewell

The Coriolis Effect. Presented by FictionSuit and the RPG Gods. With music by Stars on a Black Sea, used with permission of Free League Publishing. Imagery from NASA and the Hubble Space telescope, brought to you by wikimedia commons. Typeface is Code by Fontfabric


2 thoughts on “The Coriolis Effect: Episode 16

  1. Wonder full, I like the in depth dive on Coriolis trade routes. Do you guies have some sort of blog with post on the subject? Keep up the good work.
    Best regards


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