The Coriolis Effect – Season 2 Episode 1

A better world, a world without sin

Dave and Matthew return for the second season and, a little out of practice go off topic more than usual. But they do eventually remember to talk about Triumvene, Crusader Kings; Character Creation The Legion; a new ship and Solo

00.00.40: Introduction
00.06.31: World of Gaming – Triumvene; Crusader Kings boardgame; The Dark Between the Stars novella and #FreeRPGDay
00.20.50: How to Play – Character creation
00.51.48: The Factions – The Legion, Dave’s observations and our discussion
01.04.53: A class 1 ship design: Black Sheep portalhopper
01.13.50: We digress for Matthew to praise Solo
01.19.10: Spectral Corsair update, and plans for a new crew
01.40.22: We digress (again) to talk about Legend of the Five Rings
01.43.40: Dave sets Matthew a challenge, we talk about next episode and say goodbye (eventually)

The Coriolis Effect. Presented by FictionSuit and the RPG Gods. With music by Stars on a Black Sea, used with permission of Free League Publishing. Imagery from NASA and the Hubble Space telescope, brought to you by wikimedia commons. Typeface is Code by Fontfabric


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