A fillable PDF ship sheet for Coriolis

Click on the image to download the PDF

I think there is only a full colour version of the official ship sheet out there, so I took it apart in Acrobat DC, removed the ink-sucking space background and drop shadows, replaced the Coriolis logo with a black version, and of course, made it form-fillable. I left the little crew icons in colour. Please do feedback any errors I’ve made, or improvements I could change in the comments. If you are looking for the character sheet, its available here.

6 thoughts on “A fillable PDF ship sheet for Coriolis

  1. Thank you so much for this and the character sheet it’s a fantastic job you have done, would there be any chance of doing the NPC sheet as well please as they also have, as you say “ink-sucking” space image as well.

    Once again thanks for this I’m hoping to run a session zero today for the group.


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      1. Hi Matthew,

        Fully understand life has a way of doing that, will you be at Dragonmeet this year as I see that there is a game being run. if so see you there.



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