The Coriolis Effect – Season 2 Episode 4

Jarnligan: The Iron League?

Merger! Dave and Matthew speculate as only two excited fanboys can. We also talk about Forbidden Lands and #Dragonmeet #PodcastZone

00.00.39: Introduction
00.04.00: World of Gaming – apart from the merger (the video we mention is here), we also remember to mention the Things from the Flood (get your pledge in before end of play Monday 8th) and Judge Dredd and the worlds of 2000AD kickstarters.
00.29.02: We talk about our first Forbidden Lands game
00.40.00: Our plans for #Dragonmeet #PodcastZone
00.45.00: Forbidden Lands and Symbaroum
00.50.15: Some Coriolis content – Extended Manipulation Challenges
01.07.45: Spectral Corsair update
01.15.15: We talk about next month and say goodbye

The Coriolis Effect. Presented by FictionSuit and the RPG Gods. With music by Stars on a Black Sea, used with permission of Free League Publishing. Imagery from NASA and the Hubble Space telescope, brought to you by wikimedia commons. Typeface is Code by Fontfabric


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