The Redrunners

Who are the Red Riders? Elves of course, I knew that. And I remembered, from my initial read through of the books, something about them protecting the ruby red crystals that were elf souls, denuded of flesh. But that’s all. So when our party were attacked by a corrupted, undead elf, and recovered her blackened crystal heart. I thought I should pull together everything I knew about the elf faction that might make an appearance, should my party try to take the crystal to the still mist, trade it, or do something with it that I hadn’t yet imaged.

Eschewing the books, I turned instead to the PDFs, where I could search for words, and find every mention of it listed. And my first problem was that they were not mentioned at all. Not mentioned in the Gamemasters’ Guide, not mentioned in the Players’ Handbook. I was puzzled, where has I read about them? I turned to the Ravens Purge campaign book. Not there either? It took me a little while to realise that I was searching for Red Riders, not Redrunners. I gave myself a mental slap for stupidity and started my search again.

The Redrunners were founded by the elf Gemalda in an effort to reclaim the heart of her sister, who had been eaten by the Giant, Scrome.* So their founding purpose was indeed to recover the crystal hearts of fallen elves. They are named for the star that (legend has it) rained Elven hearts upon the world. Ashamed at humanity’s invasion of the Ravenlands, and angry at the Orc’s failure to obediently defend their realm, they have chosen not to retreat with their brethren into hidden Elven enclaves, but to roam the Forbidden Lands, defending life from Demons and Rust Brothers. I am sure they see themselves as heroes, but to the rest of the world they seem arrogant and condescending. Indeed, they despise the other kin, even when they see them as allies. They must, occasionally be able to befriend people of other kin though, as they maintain a network of spies. That said, as that network is said to consist of animals as well as other kin, perhaps in the eyes of the Redrunners, everyone else is an animal that can be easily trained…

The Redrunners maintain their intelligence gathering operation on behalf of the wider elf community, such as the Druidic order of the Golden Bough, and they are sometimes seen as the Druids’ boot-boys, tasked with demonstrating Elven strength when some-else has something that the Golden Bough druids want.

Kalman Rodenfell is a leader of the Redrunners, but I am not sure he is THE leader. An old elf, “his stone heavy with age, his feet rooted like trees in the blood of his enemies”, he spends most of his time in the Stillmist, but he is not adverse to wandering the Forbidden Lands if the need (or opportunity) is great enough. Adventures are more likely to meet his lieutenant, Ulmaya or her lover Alsuro. These centuries old elves, her skin like polished wood, and his hair like silver, are very different from each other. Alsuro is vicious, racist and warlike, but his lover, and commanding officer Ulmayer, while being a dutiful soldier, prefers to find more peaceful ways to complete her missions. Another Redrunner is Malina Redwing who has adapted her flesh to be able to fly a little, but who, like Alsuro, despises anyone who isn’t an elf, even Elvenspring.

And that’s about as much as anybody knows about the Redrunners. Which is a little disappointing. One of the things I loved about Coriolis was the deep and inspiring, and often contradictory history of the factions. Every paragraph, it seemed, could be a springboard for adventure. In contrast, the Redrunners are somewhat one-dimensional – haughty, militaristic elves. But Forbidden Lands is a young game, and the world and it’s Lore is young too. The intricate detail of the Third Horizon was created not just by its authors, but also its fans, some of whom became Fria Ligan. It’s up to us fans to add nuance to this fantasy.

And so, let me add a little here. Remember those Red Riders I was looking for? The ones that don’t exist? Well, they do now. Gemalda’s most trusted lieutenant, on that first fateful mission, was a young Elf called Lilya Redfox. Lilya came to lead the Cavalry division of the the Redrunners, which fought alongside the swordsmen and archers, mounted on fast, aggressive red deer stags. Eventually she was entrusted with Gemalda’s Entwood Flute. This long but simple, rustic flute was the war-horn of the Redrunners. Silent to any other kin, it could be heard by Elves wherever in the world they are. To most elves, it sounds like sweet musics. But to the Redrunners, the tune is a code, which can call all the Redrunners together to form an army, and in battle can direct that army’s manouvers.

However, Lilya fell out with the other Redrunners. Their oath to defend life in the Forbidden Lands, meant all life, she insisted. Even the orcs and invading humans. “We do not despise the Fox for eating the rabbit,” she said “so who are we to judge when humankind seek to farm the Ravenlands?” Eventually she could tolerate the Redrunners’ arrogant racism no longer, and left, taking with her her loyal cavalry and the EFG (Entwood Flute of Gemelda). Considered a traitor by the Redrunners, it is said that she and her warband still roam the Forbidden Lands. There are stories of the Red deer riders interceding in disputes, and defending villages from Demons, but otherwise they keep themselves to themselves. Some whisper that Lilya might maintain contact with Mergolene, but the Elven Druid denies it.

Lilya Redfox


SKILLS: Endurance 3, Melee 4, Stealth 4, Move 3, Marksmanship 5, Insight 3, Survival 2, Crafting 3

TALENTS: Inner Peace, Horseback Fighter 3, Path of The Companion 3, Bowyer 2, Fast Shooter 3

GEAR: Shortbow, broadsword, dagger, leather armor

Rådur, Lilya’s WarDeer


SKILLS: Move 4, Scout 4, Melee 3

Antlers Damage 1, Bludgeon or Stab

Movement rate 2

*Scrome the giant is very long lived. He was guardian of the Shadowgate pass, when Zygofer had a run-in with him, during the Third Alder war of 833-845, and now guards the Vale of the Dead.

2 thoughts on “The Redrunners

  1. While I can understand your frustration on not finding more about the Redrunners in the books, I don’t really feel guilty about it. Our main goal was to start as much as possible going on in interesting ways in the given textual space, making it possible to expand later in various ways, just like you did!

    In my view and to speak with Derrida, différance of meaning is the key for interesting development in RPGs.


    1. Absolutely Erik! You should not feel guilty at all. You have already created lots of nuance and opportunity in the Ravenlands. It just brought home to me how much the Coriolis fan community gave to that setting over the years, so that when us anglophones got hold of it, it was almost too much to get our heads around. Thank you for everything you have created, and the opportunity for us fans to add to the setting.

      Talking of which, I would be interested in find out about your input into the random encounters … our campaign is very much led by the dice, and we are loving the rich story that is being procedurally generated. Can we grab you for an interview on the podcast some time?


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