#RPGaDay2022 When did/will you start GMing?

I can’t remember, seriously, it was over 40 years ago. But this question makes me think about that time a can’t remember and what it might be like to start GMing now. The more interesting question is, was is easier to start GMing then? Or is it easier now?

On one hand, nowadays we have all sorts of Actual Plays and GMing advice available on YouTube and excellent podcasts which I didn’t have back in 1979 or whenever it was. I had a copy of White Dwarf, if I was lucky. A counter argument to that is the excellent quality of GMing from the likes of Matt Mercer might put people off GMing. I don’t accept that, and if there is any truth in it all all, then I point out that my own decidedly non-Mercerish amateur shite GM style is also available on the You Tube. And my Co-host Dave is even worse! (I am contractually obliged to say that.)

A more insidious threat to new GMs confidence could in fact be the quality and quantity of pre-published adventures and scenarios. I heard anecdotally of a group that only played published adventures. “Back in my day” most new GMs were encouraged to create their own dungeons (or whatever), if only by a lack of pocket money. But even then, within the clique that are our Patrons on the podcast, I am not seeing any reluctance of have a go at creation.

And of course they now have channels to distribute their creations around the globe.

So it’s easier I conclude, to start GMing nowadays, but I will admit, it still isn’t easy. well done to any new GMs about to take the plunge.

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