Tidying up the blog

Well, the Coriolis Effect pilot episode was successful, and I see it’s brought visitors to this blog. The problem is, despite having pretentions towards being some sort of exciting public facing RPG magazine, it turned out to be a little backwater of the internet, where I threw a little stuff that I thought might be good “one-day”.  I was keeping it private until I’d built more quality content. 

When we put the Coriolis Effect together, I needed some way to generate a feed for Feedburner, and I realised linking to the AWS server from this blog would do the job. Which suddenly makes it public and, more scarily something that atttracts attention, that needs to be good(ish). 

So I promise any curious readers that yes, I will add content here regularly, and possibly, even proof-read that content so it looks professional. Who knows it might even be interesting. 

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