#RPGaDay 10 Where do I go for reviews?

I don’t generally look for reviews. Role Playing Games are a different sort of purchase, it used to be that you’d pick up a players guide or core book because your GM says he’s going to run a campaign, or I you really want to play in the setting, and will put up with any  sort of system to do so. That said, I always enjoyed reading RPG magazines, White Dwarf first of all of course, but later, my favourite, Arcane. Not for reviews of games you’d ever buy, because back then as a school kid (in the White Dwarf days) your lack of money was a limiting factor. But by reading of other people’s experiences, you’d get a flavour of the game, you’d feel you were part of something bigger. 

 But nowadays, so so much is available on-line, by way of page previews, quick start adventures, illustrations, or even pay-what-want PDFs, that you can judge a game pretty fully before purchase. 

I still miss Arcane though, and I which that the web provided something like that magazine experience. 

If anybody is looking for a good review blog however, the best I’ve found is Stargazers World

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