A fillable PDF character sheet for Forbidden Lands Alpha

Click on image to download PDF

The English language alpha release of Forbidden Lands was released to Kickstarter backers this week and I know there are plenty of people wanting to take it out for a test drive. And of course creating a character is like trying on new clothes. So, I’ve tried to make that a pret et porter experience by creating an easy to use form-fillable sheet. (I have no idea why I’m mixing my “try before you buy” metaphores.)

I’ve taken Fria Ligan’s printer friendly version of the character sheet, and added fields to it using Acrobat DC. There are slightly fewer fields on this one compared to the Coriolis one I did, so I’ve experimented with drop downs on a few of the fields. Its only my second time doing this, so please do feedback any errors I’ve made, or improvements I could change in the comments.

I have a playtest of the system coming up next week with my local group. I’ll report back on how it went, afterwards.

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