#RPGaDay2020 – Change

In April last year we announced a couple of changes. We became Effekt, rather than The Coriolis Effekt, and we started aPatreon. We were somewhat forced into that second choice by circumstance – Patreon’s terms were about to change and would not be as favourable to little projects like ours if we had started any later.

But what Patreon gave us was more than money. Yes, it has helped us pay for our hosting, and indeed to switch out Actual Play podcasts (which have, shall we say, a more … discerning, specialist audience) into their own dedicated feed. It has also enabled us to pay for Zoom, which in turn has enabled up to start streaming games on YouTube. But more than that I feel we are making friends of our Patrons. This last half year of Covid lockdown especially has seen a supportive international community of friends coalesce around our Discord channel and we have even started playing games together.

Thank you to all our Patrons.


This is the episode we announced the changes, and it also includes an interview with Nils of Fria Ligan.

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