#RPGaDay2022 Who would you like to introduce to RPGs?

I have to start by saying, I much prefer these actual questions rather than the cryptic one word triggers of recent years. I applaud their return. And while I am here, let’s give a shout out to Dave Chapman, who’s idea this whole thing was.

Anyhow, my wife doesn’t really like games. She likes Scrabble, and she is good at it (perhaps she likes it because she is good at it 🤔). She will play Illimat too, and I have found a couple of games which she at least likes aesthetically (Wingspan, and Sweet Existence) but I am not sure she really enjoys playing them.

However during the lock down she and I started taking walks and taking about our hopes and dreams. And on one of those walks she said she would let me run a one-to-one game with her. We have not done it yet. But “my wife” is the answer to the question.

As to what game I plan to run for her, that will remain a mystery for a few days. But it’s not the game I am going to talk about tomorrow.

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